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Sample of Our Successful Cases in Oregon

Walsh & Associates has a proven track record of helping our clients win significant cases. View details from a few of our cases below.
Marvin Lux v. Willamina

Mult: A9106-03972
First case Richard ever tried to a Circuit Court Jury. The verdict is among the highest jury verdicts in Multnomah County for pure soft tissue, very low impact injuries without any appreciable property damage ($500,745.09 verdict)

Bagwell v. State of Oregon

Klamath: 9004399C
Acceleration of death from low speed impact to terminally ill person caused by adrenaline rush brought on by fear of collision. (Offer $15,000; Verdict $359,654.25)

Leo Polehm Ochards v. Maria Hernandez

CA A75150
Case Established the bunk house rule extending Workers' Compensation insurance for migrant workers who live in migrant camps. Workers' Compensation Section of the Oregon State Bar listed as one of the year's most important cases.

Bennett v. Liberty NW

91-11454:CA A80711
Clarified method to resolve claims in complex exposure cases involving numerous employers over an extended period of time.

Fam Hinh Saeteurn

Marion: 95C11302

Possibly most notable for new method of arguing headache damages in soft tissue case based on tolerance of unorthodox treatments (Offer $18,000.00; Verdict $100,891.20).

Coman v. Corrections Depart et al WCB 95-12947

CA A9512SC S44624
Supreme Court Decision that is most notable for giving claimants rights to access certain medical information on other persons to prove infectious disease exposure.

Sowers v. Norpac

Marion: 98C-16000
This case is most noted for exceptional result for low impact crash with no property damage resulting in shoulder, neck, and back soft tissue damages and for methods for dealing with surveillance films in a jury trial (Offer $0.00; Verdict $271,531.83).

Buehler v. Beiden

Marion: 98C16383
Retained less than one week before trial on case rejected by other lawyers. Most noted for methods to evaluate cases and to quickly prepare for complicated trial (Offer during trial $85,000.00; Verdict $271,747.00).

Knox v. Smith

Benton: 98-10236
Retained less than a month before trial on case rejected by other lawyers. Noted for method to efficiently and effectively prepare for complicated trial and for obtaining full and fair verdict for case seeking compensation for headache condition resulting from very low impact (Offer $18,000.00; Verdict $611,434.30).

Nelson v. Lee

Benton: 0110288
Noted for sizable verdict in soft tissue case involving client with documented injuries to same body parts both before and after the MVA. Notable for techniques in separating out and isolating prior injuries from similar injuries from motor vehicle collision (Highest offer $2,500.00; Verdict $64,869.70).

Riddling v. Bowers

Marion: 02C-20873
Noted for claim that dormant breast cancer condition became re-activated, in part, due to injuries suffered in a motor vehicle collision. Pursued unique complex issues of law and medicine which resulted in six figure settlement after extensive medical discovery and deposition of cancer experts.

Petrossian v. Sorensen

Mult: 0410-1181
Noted for proving of surgical shoulder condition was attributed to 5-10 mph "tire impact" collision even though the collision did not result in any visible property damage. Resulted in recovery of six figures in settlements (underlying and UIM) for client.

Sacchi V. cooke

Marion: 08C22583
Soft tissue and facet joint injuries not seen on MRI or x-rays, causing lasting lower back pain. (highest offer $25,000 plus Pip. Verdict $120,000.)

John Doe v. Farmers
$250,000.00 policy limit settlements from Liability and UIM claims for compensation for abdominal injury caused by seat belt in auto crash.